SWA Philosophy

Encourage people to envision their future,
Empower them to achieve their potential, then together,
Create a strategy that fosters new growth and development.

About Stephen Ward, M.A., L.P.

Stephen Ward

Retirement Notice

I am retiring on November 15, 2018 so I am no longer accepting new clients.

My colleague, Patty Seahlaigh, LPC will continue to practice in Hibbing and she is accepting new clients. You can reach Patty directly at (218) 440-1376 or by email.

I will miss my clients and colleagues, but I also look forward to the next chapter of my life.

Background Information

I am  licenced psychologist in private practice in the Hibbing area since 1984.  I have extensive experience with all challenges and concerns that individual, couples, and families face every day, and specialize in the process of positive change.

I attended the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where I earned a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology.  I then attended graduate school at Mankato State University where I earned my masters degree in clinical psychology.  I have been a licenced psychologist in the state of Minnesota ever since. 

I have worked extensively with private and public organizations, and non-profit organizations, (Northeastern Minnesota Development Association,  the Minnesota High Technology Council, and the Minnesota Labor/Management Council).  I have also worked extensively with communities, families, couples, and individuals. For example, I worked as a staff psychologst at Mesaba Regional Medical Center, (MRMC), where I treated inpatient and outpatient clients, chemical dependency clients, and clients in the community requesting services.  I have been the Director of Health Promotion for MRMC, where I provided wellness and educational programs.  I was the Director of Corporate Planning and Employee Development, and am also an accomplished trainer on topics of organizational development, leadership/management and all facets of interpersonal relationships in the workplace.  I have promoted violence awareness and reduction, and became the Northeast Regional Coordinator for the Center for Reducing Violence

I have been in private practice for over 30 years and my educational background and extensive experiences allow me to help people from all backgrounds and walks of life, with any and all challenges they may be facing, or improvements they would like to make.  As a licensed psychologist, I am also qualified to administer and interpret pyschological tests and assessments. It is my  standard that the therapeutic treatment process progresses for each individual according to their personal comfort level, their needs, and their goals. Counseling is about equipping a person with life-long solutions and problem solving skills. It is about healing, not putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms. I am committed to helping all my clients pursue an onward progression toward a productive and satisfying life. 


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